Barcelona, it was the first time that we met – how could I forget! Anyone remember that Freddie Mercury song? Whether or not you do, this city has been magical for centuries, promising to be an amazing vacation experience. If you are heading to Barcelona in the summer, which is probably the best time, although the rainy season is also beautiful, you will want to organize an itinerary in order to make the most out of your trip. In the rest of this article we are going to provide you with an extensive guide on all of the finest events and festivals occurring throughout the summer, as well as places you simply need to visit when in Barcelona. Before we head to that though, allow us to offer an important travel tip: booking an airport transfer.


When heading to a new country it is always important to organize your airport transportation in advance, as this will reduce any stress you may encounter when arriving. Trying to hail a taxi, or even jumping on a bus can seem like an efficient idea, but it can come with a number of disadvantages, such as being ripped-off by a taxi driver, or jumping on the wrong bus and taking a very long detour to your destination, or even getting lost. To combat all of that, you can book taxi to Barcelona Airport with AtoB and guarantee a smooth and reliable trip. With a wide range of vehicle and lots of extras, such as child seats and extra waiting time, you can create the perfect trip for yourself and your loved ones using AtoB airport transfer service, from beginning to end.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to summer in Barcelona!


Ever wanted to just sit in a fridge when the heat gets too intense? In Barcelona that is totally possible, and likely a lot more comfortable than getting cramped into a fridge, with vegetables prodding you in places you would rather they didn’t. IceBarcelona is an Ice Bar (made out of ice), which is kept at sub-freezing temperatures! The bar itself offers patrons a warm winter jacket, meaning you won’t freeze to death when there. The bar offers a range of delicious cocktails, all served in ice glasses. Another cool and comfortable experience will be your Barcelona airport taxi, which can even take you to this glacial paradise, if requested – that way you can have one more cocktail as well!

Concerts in the Park

Throughout the summer months, all the parks are converted into open air concerts for amateur musicians to spread their musical prowess. All these events are completely free, and are usually based around Jazz or Classical music, depending on the musician who is planning on a given evening. If you want to increase your enjoyment, you can take along a blanket and picnic basket, maybe a bottle of wine as well and sit on the grass and enjoy the tunes coming out of the various instruments. If you are a big music fan, you can ask your AtoB airport taxi cab driver to play your music during the trip!

La Mercè


This is the city’s holiday for their Patron Saint, which includes music, food, parades, and lots of fun. Held for a week in mid-September, there is so much going in that you may feel a little overwhelmed. The most important live music spot of the entire festival is La Antiga Fabrica Damm and Parc de la Forum, both of which offer lots of live stages and DJs who play throughout the night. You can also see human pyramids being built, traditional dances and plays, and much more. If you are in Barcelona in September, make sure to head to a few of the events. With a Barcelona airport transfer, you can get to any of them in no time.

Drinks on a Terrace

Terrace drinking is a big thing in Barcelona, that as well as Tapas, make an evening truly amazing. You can sit and look out upon Barcelona’s beautiful skyline while sipping an Aperol Spritz or other summer-time drink. A few of the most popular venues in Barcelona are Terrace 83.3, Barcelo Raval (with the best view), Ayre Rosellon (requires a reservation). Another thing which requires booking in advance is an AtoB airport taxi, reducing any travel-related stress.

The Night of Sant Joan Festival

On the nights of June 23rd and 24th, one of the most important Catalan cultural events occurs. The city will simply buzz from the energy and excitement on every corner. It is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer, as the weather will be perfect and everyone will be happy that the rainy season has finally ended. Head to the beach at midnight to see a beautifully illuminated sky from fireworks. There will also be many open air festivals who also will let off some fireworks in celebration.

That is the beautiful Barcelona in a nutshell. Summer in Spain has been a favorite of tourists for many years. In recent times there have emerged so many things to do that you are simply spoiled for choice. Organizing your itinerary based on this list, you are sure to make the most out of your trip, and are likely to be returning to the gorgeous city for many years to come.

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