ALWAYS a lively affair, San Juan in Lanjarón, Granada, is best known for its mass water fight on the night of 23 June. It also has a colourful carnival parade (called ‘La Publica’), a water-throwing contest, witches, flamenco dancers, musicians, DJs, and more. In recent years, the Lanjarón town hall has expanded the fiesta programme, making it one of the most entertaining and comprehensive events of its kind in Andalucia.

Who needs Glastonbury? At this annual humdinger, there really is something for everyone. One minute, you’ll be watching a civilised ‘pasa calles’ featuring ladies dancing traditional ‘Sevillana’. Next thing, the stroke of midnight falls, and the municipal fire hoses are spraying thousands of revellers wearing swimsuits, buckets for hats, and unicorn floats.

The Olive Press checked it out…

DISPATCH: The ‘loca fiesta’ of San Juan returns to the spa town of Lanjaron in Spain’s Granada

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