SUMMER temperatures in Malaga will be even more sweltering than usual weather expert warns.

According to the director of the Meteorological Center in Malaga, Jesus Riesco, climate change will lead to higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year.

In general, this summer will be warmer throughout the whole of Spain.

“If we consider the historical series in three parts, the warmest, the average and the coldest, this summer is going to be on the warm end. This is a trend that we have been observing in recent years and within the context of climate change, temperatures are tending to rise,” Riesco said.

Despite the searing heat, Riesco has also indicated that there will also be more rainfall than normal this summer, as was the case in June.

The combination of hot and wet weather will lead to a greater sensation of a muggy and oppressive climate.

Higher humidity, together with a higher temperature, will cause this sensation to increase, making the perceived thermal sensation even hotter than it really is.

Unfortunately, the expected summer showers won’t be enough to make a dent in the current drought crisis.


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