THE sizzling start to the summer has seen water reserves in Andalucia drop to alarming levels.

In fact, in the last week, the reservoirs in Andalucia have suffered the biggest weekly drop in water reserves so far this year.

This week’s drop of 60 hm3 of water has brought the reserves to a crippling 26.15% of their total capacity. They now hold a mere 3,130 out of a total of 11,167.

The Minister of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy and Government Spokesperson, Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco, has stressed that the figures are ‘very worrying’ and ‘very alarming’ highlighting that the region has 855 hm3 less water in reservoirs than just a year ago.

In the weekly drought report analysed by the Governing Council last Tuesday, July 4, a decrease of 30 hm3 (-0.37%) was registered in the Guadalquivir Basin, which means that it is at 23.61% of its total storage capacity.

Meanwhile, in the Andalucian Mediterranean basins, the volume in storage is 389 hm3 (33.57% of the total), having fallen by 0.60%.

In Guadalete-Barbate, the reservoirs are at 23.12%, having reduced their volume by 12 hm3 (-0.73%); while in the Tinto-Odiel-Piedras-Chanza river basin district there has been a decrease of 11 hm3 (-0.98%) to 463 hm3, which represents 41.56% of its total storage capacity.


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