Spain and the UK signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) during the International Civil Aviation Organisation Summit on July 7th. 

The agreements focus on promoting sustainable aviation fuels, protecting foreign seafarers working in Spanish and British waters, and opening green maritime corridors. 

The first MoU will help to develop strategic short and medium-term reduction strategies in order to reduce net emissions from the aviation sector. 

The countries are already leading the way in with many of the top airlines switching from traditional jet fuels to more sustainable biofuels.

In the new agreement, the countries have pledged to establish a framework to continue advancing this area. 

To improve conditions for seafarers, Spain will be working with the UK to raise the standards for seafarers traversing the Anglo-Spanish shipping routes, building on the UK’s Seafarers Wages Act of 2023. 

As a part of the UK’s Clydebank Declaration, which aims to establish green shipping corridors, Spain plans to work with the UK to promote sustainable economic growth. 

These routes will involve the use of zero-emission fuel, the installation of refueling infrastructure at ports, and the development of zero-emission cable vessels for environmentally friendly shipping. 

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