TWO PEOPLE are being investigated for misappropriating a sports car worth over €1.2 million from a Murcia car workshop.

The owner reported to the Guardia Civil that a Sbarro sports car, model GT1, had been stolen

The man said that he had initially left it in a workshop to carry out various repairs and that the business owner did him a favour by looking after it for a period of time.

While he was in hospital undergoing surgery, two people appeared at the establishment where the exclusive car was being kept.

One of them claimed to be the vehicle’s owner and threatened to report the manager if he did not let him take it.

The other man had faked some documents which showed his friend- described as an elderly man- to be the legitimate owner of the sports car.

They drove off in the vehicle but Guardia officers eventually tracked the car down to a Murcia urbanisation where it was hidden in a garage.

Besides the two men being investigated for misappropriation and document forgery, the actual car owner is in trouble as well, as he had not signed ownership transfer papers which had to be registered with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

The vehicle is therefore in the custody of the Murcia Investigating Court which is handling legal proceedings.

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