A COUPLE from Sant Joan d’Alacant have each been given nine month prison terms for misappropriating €148,000 euros from two teenage nephews who were orphaned and went to live with them.

The Alicante Provincial Court has suspended the jail terms for two years.

The ruling orders that the two nephews, who are now grown up, each have to receive compensation of €80,000.

The boys were 13 and 17 years old when they were orphaned and went to live with their relatives for several years after the death of their father in 2009, followed by their mother four years later.

The couple between 2013 and 2019 got their hands on €148,027 through cash withdrawals or bank accounts which belonged to the nephews.

The children received €109,181 in orphan’s pensions; €12,600 from their grandfather; €40,000 euros from their mother’s account; and €170,000 from the sale of their grandfather’s assets after his death.

Access to the accounts belonging to the boys was blocked in February 2019.

The defendants presented in court documents or proof of expenses of their nephews amounting to €3,328 plus summaries of monthly family expenses between 2013 and 2019 totalling €80,051.

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