PUBLIC Health bosses have warned the public about the dangers of injectable beauty and lifestyle treatments if their providers are not registered locally.

Director of Public Health Dr Helen Carter told local individuals to check who the provider is, what they offer and how it will be provided.

Reasearchers have revealed that some dermal fillers can cause allergic reactions, infections or even blindness.

The Guardian newspaper reported that one in six users gets a negative reaction from Botox.

Considering the number of people getting a Botox injection in the UK is nearly a million, that comes to a sizeable number.

Less serious but more widespread effects of bruising, headache and facial paralysis were often reported.

“Beauty and lifestyle injectable treatments can be dangerous,” Dr Carter said.

She asked people to check the qualifications of who is giving the injection, and what training they had received.

One of the best ways to check they were not giving dangerous treatment is to make sure they are on the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board.

She told people to ask questions and do their own research to see what the treatment is all about.

Finally Public Health Gibraltar asked private customers to check the safety measure their beauticians use:

Has the practitioner washed their hands?

Are they using gloves?

If they are using needles are the needles clean?

Are they disposing of them safely?

“If you are in any doubt at any time before or during the treatment, stop,” said Dr Carter.

“Your health is more important,” she added.


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