TWO SPANIARDS have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Benidorm for using credit card details stolen from a victim in the Barcelona area.

The men- both aged 36- enjoyed a free break in the city racking up charges of €462 thanks to the cloned card.

A woman complained that charges were being credited to her card from hotels and other businesses in the Benidorm area even though she had the card physically in her possession at her home in Barcelo, Catalunya.

Police located the fraudsters in their Benidorm hotel room and took them to the police station for questioning.

Officers learned the scam involved not fully inserting the conmen’s credit card into card reading machines to give the impression that the magnetic stripe had deteriorated.

Staff therefore were told to input the card number of the defrauded woman along with her PIN number to carry out a payment.

The Policia Nacional has warned managers and workers involved in the hospitality trade about the card scam and to be vigilant in case somebody else tries a similar ruse.


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