A SEVILLA-bound flight from Barcelona–El Prat Airport has aborted take-off after the airplane was hit by a large bird, causing numerous delays.

The incident took place last Sunday morning, July 16, when a Vueling flight was hit by a bird as it entered the runway from the taxiway, according to an airport spokesperson.

The pilot informed the air traffic control of the incident and returned to the tarmac to deplane the passengers.

The 180 passengers on the flight VY2212 bound for Sevilla were evacuated on the runway via the emergency ramps and half a dozen passengers were treated on the spot for minor injuries, meanwhile the aircraft was declared ‘aircraft on ground’ for a thorough engineering inspection.

According to a spokesperson from Vueling, the passengers were then transported to another Vueling flight which took off from the airport at 12:30pm local time.

The incident saw all take-offs postponed for 45 minutes for safety reasons as airport technicians checked the runway.

Bird strikes only pose a significant threat to flight safety in rare cases, but they are almost always fatal for the birds.


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