A MAN accused of assaulting two women by kicking both of them has been arrested in Malaga. 

A Local Police agent spotted the accused, who was hitting and kicking a woman while insulting her in Armiñan Bridge.

The officer managed to pull him away from the victim and asked him for his ID, which he refused showing. 

The alleged assailant is further said to have struggled with the policeman, breaking his uniform during the arrest.

The victim claims that the man attacked her when she was walking to work, pushing her to the ground and kicking her head. 

A second woman called police to denounce that a man had assaulted her by pulling her hair, pushing her to the ground and kicking her all over the body earlier that day. 

She was helped by a member of Malaga Council Cleaning Service. 

The victim’s description of the accused matches with the one of the man who assaulted the first woman. 

Both women say they had never seen the assailant before. 

The alleged assailant was taken to a Local Police station. 


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