MARBELLA City Council has embarked on a major initiative to improve its beaches by adding a substantial amount of sand.

A total of 120,000 cubic metres of sand will be brought in to enrich and expand the shorelines with the aim of offering residents and tourists an enhanced beach experience.

The project aims to utilize the city’s own resources and will be carried out during nighttime hours, from midnight to 8am, to minimize any inconvenience to beachgoers and local establishments.

The ongoing works, which began at Las Chapas-Alicate and have now extended to Casablanca Beach, are set to continue further to La Fontanilla and San Pedro Alcántara.

The decision to invest in beach enhancement comes as Marbella seeks to provide a more enjoyable and attractive coastal environment for visitors.

By increasing the volume of sand, the city aims to create spacious and inviting beaches, catering to the needs of both locals and tourists during the peak summer season.

The city officials are determined to deliver an exceptional beach experience and view this project as an essential step in achieving that goal.

With the new sand additions, Marbella’s beaches are poised to offer visitors an even more alluring and enjoyable coastal destination, ensuring that the city remains a top choice for beach enthusiasts.


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