OVER the past weekend, a surge of jellyfish originating from the Granada coast has washed up on the shores of Nerja and Torrox.

The beaches of Nerja and Torrox were recently teeming with Pelagia noctiluca specimens, transparent and mushroom-shaped, with a rosy hue and yellow spots.

It remains uncertain whether these jellyfish will continue their migration along the Malaga coast in the next few hours, spurred by the forecasted southeast wind.

Despite their presence, experts anticipate limited encounters with these jellyfish in the bathing waters. However, caution is advised, and if spotted, beachgoers are encouraged to handle them with care and remove them from the sea. Collecting as many jellyfish as possible from the shoreline is recommended to prevent any potential contact with bathers or beachwalkers.

As beach enthusiasts flock to Nerja and Torrox, staying informed about the jellyfish situation is crucial. For detailed information about jellyfish along the Costa del Sol, bathers can access Infomedusas, an application providing a daily forecast of jellyfish presence on the coast.


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