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EGG-TASTIC! Incredible ‘fried egg jellyfish’ spotted off coast of Spain’s Formentera

The species literally looks like an egg cracked into water and can can up to 35cm in diameter

JELLYFISH PATROL: Fishermen in Spain’s Gandia launch yearly summer campaign to clear unwanted pests from the sea

TEAMS of fishermen are working to clear jellyfish from the sea off the beaches of Gandia (La Safor, Valencia Province). The yearly contract has once...

Thousands of dangerous jellyfish swarm beaches of Spain’s Costa Blanca

COSTA BLANCA SOUTH has seen thousands of jellyfish washed up on its shores this weekend. Most were the harmless Velella (or Sea Raft) but hundreds...

Jellyfish flex their tentacles in annual return to Mar Menor beaches in Spain’s Murcia region

PORTUGUESE man o'war jellyfish have been sighted for the first time this year on beaches around La Manga and the Mar Menor in Murcia. Though...

Lifeguard spots two-metre-long jellyfish swimming among tourists on Spain’s Costa del Sol

The creature was then allowed to move freely, before it returned to deeper waters

Woman in hospital after stung in the face by Portuguese man o’ war on the Costa Blanca

A WOMAN has been stung in the face by a Portuguese man o’ war after she went swimming on the Costa Blanca. The middle-aged woman...

WATCH: HUGE jellyfish wash up on beach on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Briton Mattie Barnett spotted the floating creatures while walking on Caleta de la Velez beach in Velez-Malaga

Why have jellyfish invaded the Costa del Sol?

Study hopes to reveal why the Costa del Sol has been bombarded with jellyfish this year

What to do if you are stung by a jellyfish in Spain

WITH the news that potentially lethal Man-o-war 'jellyfish' are back on the Costa del Sol, it's important to know what to do and what...

‘Lethal jellyfish’ capable of killing humans spotted on Costa del Sol

BE careful of your step Portuguese man-of-war have landed. With long purple tentacles, that sting at best and can be fatal at worst, the floating...

Bloom of jellyfish washed up on Mallorca beach following storms

JELLYFISH are invading the beaches of Mallorca as a result of recent storms. Images of the aquatic creatures, normally found in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian...

Jellyfish damaging business on Marbella beaches

Hundreds of stings reported over the weekend

Jellyfish warning app launching for Costa del Sol

In recent years jellyfish have become a major problem on the coast's beaches during the summer

British PM David Cameron stung by jellyfish in Lanzarote

The British Prime Minister - on holiday with his family - was heard shouting in pain

Juicy jellyfish!

Get creative with delicious jellyfish recipe

Why are Spanish waters awash with stinging jellyfish? Best ask the fishermen

A closer look at overfishing and its consequences. By Claire Wilson

Consequences of over fishing sting beachgoers

Jellyfish are over-running the several stretches of the Mediterranean

Phone app to combat jellyfish peril on Costa del Sol

Beachgoers will be able to track the movement of the stinging invertebrates using their mobile

Gelatinous jellyfish

After the closure of several Malaga beaches, the Olive Press looks more closely at the stingy culprits

Jellyfish plague hits the Costa del Sol

The red flag has been flown on a number of beaches along the Costa del Sol prohibiting bathers from entering the water

Two Old Fools and a jellyfish

In the final extract from Victoria Twead’s Chicken, Mules and Two Old Fools she and husband Joe get to grips with the local wildlife…




Mission impossible: Drone rescue operation given green light to attempt to save three dogs trapped by lava in La...

A Spanish drone operator received permission on Tuesday to attempt to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped by lava flow near a volcano on the...


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