BEAST: The huge jellyfish was described as ‘harmless’

A HUGE jellyfish has been pictured swimming among holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol.

The two-metre animal was snapped by a local lifeguard at Playa de la Chullera in Manilva.


Biologists from Aula del Mar in Malaga confirmed that the animal was harmless amid reports of worried tourists.

The creature was then allowed to move freely, before it returned to deeper waters.

This sighting at around 2pm on Monday marks the first time a large jellyfish has been seen in Manilva this summer.

The Aula del Mar group runs its information campaign ‘Infomedusa’, which is designed to provide up-to-date information for the public.

Aula del Mar has said it is currently developing ways of predicting what causes jellyfish to swarm the coast.

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