A SPECIMEN of Rhizostoma pulmo, the largest jellyfish species in the Mediterranean, has washed up on a beach in Tarifa.

The impressive find was made last week on the shore of Playa de Atlanterra, which is the continuation of Zahara de los Atunes beach.

Measuring up to an imposing 90 centimetres in diameter, this jellyfish is the largest of its species in the Mediterranean and might appear daunting at first glance.

However, as confirmed by reports from El Cachalote Project, a creative and educational project that generates new ideas about ocean conservation, it poses no threat to humans.

Referred to by various names such as ‘dustbin-lid jellyfish’ or ‘frilly-mouthed jellyfish,’ this fascinating creature has stirred interest along the coasts of Campo de Gibraltar, where sightings have been relatively rare this summer.

Modern technology now allows beachgoers to stay vigilant with the help of mobile applications that provide real-time updates on sea conditions and jellyfish occurrences.

Infomedusa, Meduseo.com, and Medusapp are just a few examples of apps and websites enabling users to keep track of jellyfish activity at their favourite summer destinations.


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