A GIBRALTAR court ordered a man who headbutted a woman in her own home leaving her with a severe nosebleed be sent to prison.

Lee Cruz Parry, 49, pleaded guilty to common assault at the Magistrates Court that gave him a ten week sentence for the violent attack.

The incident sparked off at 4pm on December 12, when Cruz Parry was in the victim’s home and they had an argument.

Cruz Parry first insulted her and then headbutted her on the nose, causing her to bleed heavily.

He then left the home and the victim called the Royal Gibraltar Police for help and requested an ambulance.

Doctors treated her for bruising and swelling at St Bernard’s Hospital.

Police officers swooped in to arrest Cruz Parry later that day at 9.30pm and charged him with common assault.

“Domestic abuse is an abhorrent crime and is totally unacceptable in Gibraltar – or anywhere else,” a police spokesman said.

“We urge anyone affected by domestic abuse to contact our Domestic Abuse Team.”

The incident follows a spate of similar crimes of male violence towards women.

A new law on domestic abuse came into effect recently which Minister for Equality Samantha Sacramento hopes will further protect women.

It includes the new offence of coercive and controlling behaviour where the victim is subject to the limitation of their own freedom by a partner.


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