BEACH-GOERS in Alicante got a shock when they spotted a giant jellyfish floating just metres from the shore.

The remarkable sight unfolded on Sunday at Muchavista Beach in El Campello, with photos provided by Sup Ibiza.

The impressive find, weighing in at nearly 40 kilograms, raised eyebrows and curiosity among those soaking up the sun. 

The specimen has been identified as a Rhizostoma Luteum, a species rarely seen in the region, possibly carried ashore by an oceanic current.

Unlike the common Mediterranean jellyfish, this particular marine marvel belongs to a unique category, with sizes typically three to four times greater than its coastal counterparts.

Renowned for its natural habitat in the Atlantic, the Rhizostoma Luteum’s appearance in our waters is a rarity. 

This curious appearance takes us back in time to initial sightings of the species in the Mediterranean dating back to around 1960. 

Subsequent decades cast doubt on these observations, with experts even questioning the species’ existence. 

The narrative shifted a little over a decade ago when sightings once again matched historical descriptions, confirming the creature’s presence.


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