A PROFESSIONAL ‘love hug’ street robber has been arrested in Alicante for the fifth time in recent months.

The 26-year-old woman travelled all round Spain to pray on elderly people to steal jewellery and other valuable items.

The Policia Nacional in Alicante got a fresh set of complaints about her activities with exactly the same methods used to con and rob her targets in the street.

The thief walked up to people and out of nowhere would give them gave them a hug before wrenching off some jewellery.

She’d even alter her accent when she spoke and ran off quickly after doing the deed.

Her latest spree of robberies netted her goods valued at around €5,000.

A variation on other ‘huggers’ was the woman offering sexual services to some elderly men before they were grabbed and robbed.

All of the victims provided the same description of the thief who was known to the Policia Nacional, who arrested her and yet again put her before an Alicante court.

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