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THE month of August in Malaga promises a celestial extravaganza with two astrological phenomena bookending the month.

The month kicked off with a Supermoon, also known as the ‘Sturgeon Moon’, illuminating the night sky to it’s full splendour last night, August 1.

This astrological event will be shortly followed by the highly anticipated Perseid meteor shower, popularly known as the ‘Tears of San Lorenzo’, gracing astronomy lovers with a magical display between August 12-14.

The month culminates with yet another wonder, the ‘Blue Moon’, serving as the grand finale to August’s celestial spectacle.

For the best views of these celestial events, astronomers recommend heading to locations with minimal light pollution.

The key spots in Malaga to witness these astronomical marvels include the El Cochino viewpoint, Serrato Malaga, Pocopan viewpoint, Maro Cliffs, and Casasola Reservoir.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the Supermoons, experts suggest avoiding urban areas, using minimal optical aids, and refraining from using mobile phones to preserve the darkness of the night sky.

Choose observation spots with unobstructed views offers a chance to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring wonders of the August skies.


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