THE Mediterranean Sea will register the highest August temperature ever recorded on the Valencian coastline. 

Experts believe that the sea temperature will be warmer than 29.94C, the record high to date, which was registered in August last year. 

The prediction comes after the warmest sea temperature ever recorded in the month of July in Valencia (28.7C) was reached last month.

“The constant heatwaves have led to an average water temperature of 24.6 ? in the Spanish coastline, which is the highest recorded in the country since 1940,” Jose Angel Núñez, Spain’s Weather Agency Chief, said. 

“Water temperatures of 28 ? were not surpassed in the Mediterranean Sea until September not that long ago. Now, we are reaching them in July, which is worrying. The continuing temperature increase could lead to the extinction of a number of sea species,” Silvia Falco, Director of the Marine Ecosystems master’s degree at Valencia’s Politecnica University, explained. 

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