RINCON de la Victoria’s ‘Birra&Art’ Craft Beer Festival kicks off today and will run until next Tuesday, August 15, at the Al-Ándalus Square.

The event, organised by Tourism Councillor Antonio José Martín (PP), will showcase an assortment of 45 unique beer varieties from nine domestic and international breweries.

Notable participants include Spanish craft brewers like La Cibeles (Madrid), Blanca y Verde (Cadiz), Segral (Granada), INSITU and Tablada (Sevilla), as well as international names like Paulaner Munchen (Germany), La Chouffe (Belgium), Hop House (Ireland), and Foster’s (Australia).

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In addition to the diverse beer offerings, the festival will feature 24 stands offering international culinary delights such as German sausages, Latin American dishes, and Argentine barbecue.

Attendees can also explore craft stalls and enjoy live music performances.

The festival typically garners a significant turnout, distributing over 2,000 liters of craft beer throughout the event.

The festival’s program features complimentary pop-rock concerts, including a tribute to Los Rodriguez by Los Ramirez on Saturday, August 12th; performances by Joker Rock Band on Sunday, August 13th; Killer Rockets and Money Makers on Monday, August 14th; and a show by Not Yet on Tuesday, August 15th.

The festival gates open to the public later today, Saturday, August 12th at 7pm. Concerts kick off at 9:30pm, and beers are available starting from €3.


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