WHEN it comes to beachgoers’ priorities, tranquillity tops the list. Seeking a respite from the daily hustle, many crave the soothing embrace of a calm and uncrowded shoreline – an oasis to reconnect and recharge.

However, finding such secluded havens can be a challenge. Fortunately, in Malaga, there’s a handful of options, including the well-kept secret nestled in Estepona.

Introducing Velerin Beach: A Serene Escape

Tucked away along the coastline, Velerin Beach, also known as Arroyo de las Cañas, offers a unique blend of peace and accessibility. Its name, derived from the nearby Velerin River, reflects the picturesque setting where river meets sea.

Situated within Estepona’s boundaries, the beach stretches its wide expanse, standing about 10 kilometres away from the city centre. This distance is pivotal to maintaining the tranquillity that visitors seek.

Stretching from the Velerin River’s mouth to the Arroyo de las Cañas, this beach spans over a kilometre, its width shifting with the tides, typically providing around 30 metres of sandy space. Sheltered by surrounding pine forests, Velerin Beach creates an intimate, uncrowded ambiance.

A Haven for Convenience: Parking and Amenities

One of the high-demand factors, especially during peak tourist seasons, is parking convenience. In the maze of Malaga’s popular beaches, finding a parking spot can be a headache. Yet, at Velerin Beach, parking solutions are within reach. Though unsupervised, a parking area is situated nearby, offering respite to visitors seeking a hassle-free beach day.

Velerin Beach stands as a testament to Malaga’s tranquillity and accessibility. A hidden gem among the bustling coastal destinations, this serene escape invites visitors to unwind, recharge, and savour the allure of an undisturbed coastline.


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