BIOPARC Valencia has two new members of its collection of South African porcupines- the largest porcupine species in the world.

A female went into labour this August and brought a double surprise of twins, which park staff did not expect.

The BIOPARC welfare team were pressed into action around the clock to bottle-feed the twins because their mother did not want to breastfeed them.

But for the prompt work, the youngsters could have died, but are now out of danger in a stable condition.


The twins are fed every two months and as they strengthen, the routine will be maintained for their first month of life, after which they will start to eat solid food.

The objective is that once they grow strong and healthy, they will be introduced to their peers as soon as possible so that they can properly integrate.

TINY TWINS(BIOPARC Valencia image)

BIOPARC Valencia houses a group of ten animals, the largest in Spain of South African porcupines.

The species is included in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List that assesses the risk of extinction.

On a positive note, even with dangers caused by hunting and loss of habitat, protection measures have managed to maintain a stable population.

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