LOCAL POLICE in Marbella have arrested a 32-year-old man after he allegedly beat up his girlfriend and left her semiconscious on a beach. He is facing charges of gender violence. 

The incident took place on August 11 at 3.40am, according to a report from news agency Europa Press. 

Officers from the Marbella local police force who were dealing with a traffic accident spotted a vehicle pass by at high speed, with a woman in the passenger seat calling for help and trying to jump out. 

Other patrols were alerted to the make and model of the vehicle and tried to find it. The police also made use of traffic cameras in their search.

Officers eventually caught up with the vehicle near the Rio Real beach, and flagged it down. 

The man was found with blood on his clothes, as well as there being blood stains on the passenger seat. He told officers that the woman was his girlfriend, that he had left her in an area of the beach, and that he had ‘lost his head’.

The woman was discovered semiconscious on the nearby beach with bruising, a cut to her chin and bloody clothing. The officers also could see that she had been dragged from an area where the vehicle’s tire marks were.

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