SPAIN’S RFEF has called an emergency meeting for Monday after its Sexual Violence Protocol was activated in the wake of suspended President Luis Rubiales’ non-consensual kissing incident involving World Cup star Jenni Hermoso.

The Monday gathering has been described as an ‘extraordinary and urgent’ meeting ‘to evaluate the situation in which the federation finds itself’.

Maria Dolores Martinez Madrona, the sexual protection delegate to the FFEF, has confirmed a probe over Rubiales’ behaviour.

“Our protocol is currently activated and in the midst of investigating the events, thus we demand the utmost respect for the right to privacy and dignity of all individuals involved,” she said in a letter published by the RFEF.

“As the protection delegate for sexual violence, my duty is to adhere to the protocol and safeguard the privacy of those affected by this incident and of the Sexual Violence Advisory Committee.”

The move comes after the RFEF announced on Saturday that they were going to take legal action against World Cup star Jenni Hermoso on the grounds that she did not tell the truth about the infamous Sydney kiss.

That decision brought an immediate response from world governing body FIFA who suspended Rubiales for 90 days and banned him or the RFEF from having any contact with Hermoso- which in theory means the Sexual Violence Advisory Committee will not be able to speak to her.

All of the women’s coaching staff subsequently resigned later on Saturday in support of Hermoso, with the exception of manager Jorge Vilda who applauded a defiant speech by Rubiales on Friday.

The female coaches who quit said they were forced to sit in the front row to listen to Rubiales address the RFEF.

In an about turn, Vilda strongly criticised Rubiales’ behaviour on Sunday.

Despite widespread condemnation including all of of Spain’s key female players saying they will not play for the country until Rubiales goes, the 44-year-old president has vowed to ‘fight on until the end’.

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