WHILE those in northern Europe greet the end of summer with tears of sadness, the people of Spain rejoice at the arrival of bearable temperatures and still-good weather.

Which is why a quick getaway – or longer – is still high on the agenda for Brits and Scandies and Lowlanders come the fall of the leaves.

And, of course, the Spanish and expat community here love a sneaky retreat to another part of the beautiful country.

Pollenca Mallorca
Pollenca, Mallorca, is the destination where hotel prices come down the most from September to October – by a whopping 30%

But which of Spain’s classiest destinations reduce their prices the most between September and October? 

Number crunchers at holiday rental company Spain-Holiday tallied up the most expensive destinations in Spain by average hotel room price per person for September and October.

And here at the Olive Press we analysed the data to see which towns offer the best – relative – bargains for autumn sunseekers.

san sebastian
The Basque city of San Sebastian also sees a healthy price drop of 25%

While those for whom money is no option are spoiled for choice by Spain’s range of upmarket holiday destinations during the summer, they become a lot more affordable in the autumn.

The Balearics, overcrowded and overpriced during the summer, suddenly offer significantly reduced prices.

Average hotel prices per person per night in Pollença, in Mallorca’s eastern tip, drop by as much as 30% from September to October.

Ibiza Town
Hotels in Ibiza Town are also a lot more reasonably priced, dropping down 25% in October

In September an average hotel room will set you back €70, but wait a month and that price comes down to a much more agreeable €49.

Ibiza Town sees a drop of 25%, from an average price of €79 to €59, and in Alcudia prices go down 23% to €50 a night.

Plush Palma de Mallorca drops 19% from €67 to €54, while Santanyi falls 17% to €53 a night per person.

On the Costa del Sol, Marbella sees a more modest 15% price reduction

Barcelona Park Guell Unsplash Ionut Dobre Pifkeeuujge Unsplash
But bargain hunters beware: beloved Barcelona hardly reduces prices at all – just by an average of €1

Away from the Mediterranean in the Basque Country, culinary paradise San Sebastian sees a generous 25% average reduction, from a hefty €71 to €53.

And then there are some places that barely make a dent in their sky-high prices: average hotel prices in Barcelona come down by just €1 from September to October – from €68 to €67.

Table of holiday destination price redutioins
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