FIVE ELECTRIC scooters have been removed off Benidorm streets so far this August for not complying with municipal laws.

Benidorm’s Policia Local have been carrying out random sweeps lasting ten minutes across the city during the busiest tourist month of the year.

Offenders were found to be speeding, lacking insurance, or using scooters that had been illegally modified.


Benidorm introduced strict pioneering scooter laws in 2019 with riders needing insurance, a rear light, a front bell, and users having to wear a vest and helmet.

The local ordnances were set up in conjunction with the General Directorate of Traffic.

Riders cannot wear headphones, drive at more than 30 km/h or ride on pavements, walking areas, parks, and pedestrian only zones.

Users also have to be at least 16-years-old to be able to travel on a scooter.

Benidorm’s Citizen Security councillor, Jesus Carrobles, said : “We are ensuring that scooter users follow all the rules and this also applies to scooter rental companies that have to observe the regulations.”

Policia Local figures show that eight accidents involving scooters have been reported so far in August.

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