TWO BRAZILIAN women have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for assaulting another prostitute that wanted to ‘work’ on the same Alicante street.

The assailants aged 36 and 40 told their rival that they she had to pay a facility fee of €50 to search for clients on the same road.

When she refused, she was attacked by them and had her bag stolen.

The victim bravely went to the police to report the incident who discovered the attackers had a long history of similar acts and had been previously arrested in 2020.

The Policia Nacional carried out surveillance and detected great rivalry between some prostitutes over monopolising certain parts of Alicante, with no hesitation to use intimidation or violence to drive away new workers.

The victim told officers that the Brazilian duo had handed out the same rough treatment to some of her friends and co-workers.

The women were detained and charged with extortion and robbery with violence.

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