RESERVOIR levels in Andalucia continue to fall as the region is suffering from the worst drought in the last 30 years. 

They sit at 20.6% of storage capacity, over 0.6% below last week, while they are at less than half the level of a decade ago, when they sat at 50.6% in late August. 

Malaga’s levels lie at 24% (down 0.65% on last week), with key reservoirs, such as Lake Viñuela (8.5% full), remaining at a critical level.

Sevilla’s reservoirs are 29.2% full, Jaen’s at 21.2%, Granada’s at 25.6% and Cordoba’s at just 15.1%.

The worst affected are in Almeria, where levels stand at just over 14.3%.

Regarding the Guadalquivir basin, the largest in the region, it is at 19.5% of its capacity, having experienced a 0.5% decrease since last week.

As a consequence of the lack of water stored in the Andalucian reservoirs, dozens of municipalities in the region have implemented water cuts to guarantee water supply. 

Malaga has been identified as the most affected region with regards to water cuts, as over 20 towns in the province are experiencing them at night. 

The region is currently suffering the worst drought for 30 years, with Junta Environment minister Ramon Fernandez describing the situation as ‘dramatic.’

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