OVER NINE MILLION dog owners in Spain will have to take out liability insurance from September 29 when the country’s new animal welfare law comes into force.

Owners who do not have insurance face a fine ranging between €500 and €10,000.

The obligation to take out insurance has until now only applied to breeds that have been regarded as dangerous.

The policy will cover any damage a dog might cause to third parties, be it property damage or physical injury.

This demand is the responsibility of the owner but also anybody else who takes a dog out for for a walk.

Policy prices vary depending on the breed of dog and the kind of coverage required.

For non-dangerous breeds, the annual cost comes in at around €25 to €30- doubling up for dangerous breeds.

Another part of the new law requires new dog owners to complete a training course.

Those who already have a dog will have two years to meet the requirement.

The course is free and online, and looks at care, animal welfare and legislation.

How all of this will be policed remains to be seen with official government figures going back to 2021 suggesting that 9.3 million dogs were kept as pets in Spain.

The most populous region is Andalucia with 2.33 million registered dogs followed by Catalunya with 1.4 million.

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