A KID whose family car was swept away by the current has been rescued after spending the whole night clinging to a tree branch near a town in Madrid.

The 10-year-old, named Ethan, was travelling with his family in a car from their house in the city of Alcorcon to their second home, located in Aldea del Fresno, a small municipality in Madrid’s region, around midnight. 

However, the torrential rains caused by the DANA storm washed the car away when the vehicle was at one of the bridges that go over the often low-flowing Alberche River, which according to neighbours looked like the ‘Mississippi.’ 

According to El Pais, the kid was transported by the current 3km down the bridge, where he got hold of a 7-metre ash tree located near a large finca

In the early morning, the security guard that lives in the nearby property received a call from a local police officer saying that neighbours had heard screams coming from the area. 

The security officer, named Ramon, told El Pais that the kid was clinging to a very thin branch which had the thickness of a finger. 

“He has clung on to life, I don’t know how he resisted,” he said. 

Moment in which a Guardia Civil agent carries the rescued kid. Photo Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil arrived at the scene and took brave Ethan to a police station. 

He was then taken to Juan Carlos I Hospital, as he was suffering from bruises and  hypothermia, where he reunited with his sister and mother.

However, the kid’s father remains missing and an extensive search patrol with divers is currently taking place to find him. 

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