AROUND 60 people came together on Sunday on Malaga’s Huelin beach to support the families of two Argentine men who vanished a week earlier as they went out to sea with a paddle board.

The two friends, Maxi Ludvik, 29, and Emmanuel Soria, 34, wanted to check out the sunrise, but nothing more was heard from them, despite an extensive search with boats and planes.

A sailboat crew last Monday did recover the paddle boat used by the men

People- many of them Argentine residents in Malaga, went to Huelin beach on Sunday to provide morale support for the men’s relatives and to appeal that the search continues.

The two families of the disappeared men have thanked everybody for their support, which also included over €3,000 raised in just a day to pay for travel costs from Argentina for Maxi’s mother and sister who will arrive in Malaga this week.

Francisco Soria, brother of Emmanuel, has highlighted the work done in recent days by the security and rescue forces, whom he appealed to ‘not to slacken with the search’ until they find the whereabouts of Maxi and Emmanuel.

The Guardia Civil is analysing a video recorded by a passer-by recorded on the morning the men went missing featuring two people sailing on a paddle board in Malaga.

The person who recorded the video had gone for a run and stopped to record the sunrise, at which time a paddle board appears with two people on it, who continue their journey without the camera following its trajectory.

Emmanuel, who is part of a family of five brothers, came to Spain to spend some time, but decided to extend his stay when he learned that he was going to be a father.

His brother Max arrived later, some three months ago.

Both had planned to leave Spain at different times later this year.

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