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Back to school: 6 tips to keep the start of term stress-free

AS ‘Back to school’ season is right around the corner, parents all over the country will be fretting about the upcoming year while their children are glued to their tablets.

To help soothe this arduous season, the Olive Press has created a list of important tasks to tackle to ensure a smooth sailing start to the year.

1. Buying uniforms/new clothes

One very important thing to remember when preparing your child for going back to school is clothing.

Even if your school does not require a uniform, children grow very quickly in very short periods of time.

New clothes that are adequate for all weather types and that fit your child perfectly are necessary for back-to-school prep.

back to school in spain

2. Equipment

The list of equipment your child needs will grow exponentially as they get older.

Helpfully, schools sometimes send out lists of what you will need, from pencils to protractors.

It may also be helpful to ask your child if there is anything they personally would add; not every child is the same, and some may work better with extra or different items.

School Lunches

3. Lunches

Lunch is a big part of the school day, and sometimes it is a child’s favourite hour.

Whether pack-up or school dinner, making sure they have either money or food is essential.

For school dinners, it’s pretty simple—setting aside some money every day for them.

Packed lunches are a little more complicated, but they are great for picky eaters or for you to keep tabs on what your child is eating.

Some schools have some strict rules about the contents of the lunchbox, so check in to see if anything is prohibited.

4. Travel

Whether your child is starting at a new school and you haven’t decided on the best way to get them there or you need to get them a bus pass, having travel to school sorted is imperative.

It’s the first obstacle for your young ones on their first day back, and having an easy experience with the bus or already being familiar with their walk will make them feel well prepared for their first day back.

5. Prep the uniform

Children may not like having tags on their clothes as it is not ‘cool, but having your child’s name in their uniform can be a game-changer.

No more rummaging around in a pile of jumpers at school.

In addition to adding their names to their clothes, getting them to wear in their shoes is a lifesaver.

The first day of school may be daunting for them anyway; why add uncomfortable shoes to the mix?

Letting them wear their shoes means no blisters on the first day and one less thing for them to worry about.

6. Print out a timetable

As soon as your child has got one, print out a timetable so you can keep up to date with what they need everyday.

Gone are the days of being told they have no ingredients for their food tech lesson or PE kit for their PE lesson.

Not only does this help for classes but also for any after school clubs.


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