SPAIN is currently suffering an ‘alarming’ rise in the number of sexual assaults that are carried out by minors. That’s according to the latest report from the Prosecutor General’s Office, which found that there were 451 such cases in 2017, but as many as 974 in 2022, a rise of 116%.

The figures, reported by news agency Europa Press, also show that there was a notable increase from 2021, when the total went from 688 cases to the aforementioned 974, a year-on-year rise of 46%.

“It is alarming that the number of legal proceedings for this criminal offence should have increased by 116% since 2017,” the Prosecutor General’s Office states in its yearly report. 

The public ministry added that the causes for the phenomenon are ‘complex’, and that ‘diverse factors’ are behind it. 

These include a lack of proper sex and ethics education, as well as early access to violent pornographic material.

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