CELEBRATING 20 years, the Swedish School Marbella has been offering its students from pre-school to 18 years the very best Swedish education here on the Costa Del Sol. 

Founded in 2003, the school offers Swedish-speaking children the same excellent curriculum and services that they receive back home.
The Swedish School Marbella is certified by the Swedish National Agency for Education and all teachers are trained and qualified in Sweden.

To this end every child is treated as unique, making them feel seen, heard and accepted for who they are. Small class sizes mean that students can thrive in a harmonious atmosphere, which ensures each child receives the best possible education; this also provides children with a safe and productive space where excellent one-on-one guidance can be accessed. They also benefit from all of the perks of the school including healthy, home-cooked lunches, school trips and physical education including indoor gym and pool. 

Svenska Skolan Marbella Gv

Looking forward to the new school year, Swedish School Marbella has expanded, increasing the number of classrooms to accommodate still more students, yet keeping to their small class sizes. Starting from the 2024/2025 school year, students in year 8 and beyond will also be offered Cambridge International courses which will entitle alumni to study not only in Sweden but anywhere in the world. 

The Swedish School Marbella is proud to offer its students the unique opportunity of having an internationally recognised education whilst maintaining a strong connection to Swedish national identity.






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