TORRENTIAL rain in Spain’s Valencia region left between 150 and 200 litres of water per square metre in La Ribera comarca in the early hours of Thursday morning, with 80 to 90 litres falling in less than one hour. 

That’s according to the state Aemet weather service, which reported the affected areas were Algemesi, Albalat, Polinya and Sueca. 

A red weather alert was put in place by Aemet due to the heavy showers, which hit between 4 and 6am. The warning was lifted at 8am today after the rainfall had ceased. 

The flooding left behind by the weather forced schools to close in Algemesi and Albalat, according to Spanish daily El Pais.

The local authorities also advised that members of the public did not take to their cars nor use pedestrian routes unless strictly necessary, given the accumulation of water in the area. 

The rain is expected to persist today in Valencia, with more showers and storms likely according to Aemet.

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