BRITISH expats are living in fear of their farmer neighbour after hearing gunshots at night and finding clearly mistreated animals roaming around his land in Marbella.

Video footage shared with the Olive Press shows one goat with a huge gash on its ear as flies buzz around its head.

Another is barely able to see through its swollen eyes, which appear to be infected.

A witness told this paper: “We’re all scared. We heard gunshots the other night, it’s a very uncomfortable situation.

Heartbreaking: Goat is seen with infected lesions on its ear and eyes (Copyright: Olive Press)

“I went down there one day to have a look, some goats can’t even open their eyes, one was already partially blinded because its eye was all white.

“I just want to save the animals, he has dogs in cages and many other animals. I went to the Guardia Civil and they told me they did not have time and to come back later.

“I went back today but the office was closed.”

The witness said the whole community is taking photos and videos to report the land owner to the police.

The farm is located in Fuente del Espanto, situated between La Quinta and San Pedro in Marbella.

It comes just days after tough new animal laws came into effect across Spain.

Anyone found to be mistreating or killing animals without justification can face fines of up to €200,000 or even jail time.

The Olive Press has contacted Guardia Civil for a comment.

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