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EXCLUSIVE: Vandals attack cat shelter and kill ‘dearly loved’ moggy recovering from emergency operation on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Vandals damage gated cat colony and kill animal recovering from emergency operation on Spain's Costa Blanca

VOLUNTEERS at a Mil Palmeras cat shelter are in shock after intruders broke into the facility on Saturday and killed a cat that was recuperating after emergency surgery.

Police have been notified but security camera images were not very clear due to the break-in happening at night.

Volunteers arrived on Sunday morning at the shelter off Avenida de Alemania and noticed that the gated enclosure had been broken into.


VANDALISM(Facebook image)

Doors of cat cages were ripped off and items strewn around by the mindless vandals.

One cage belonged to a female called Xena, who had been doing really well after a major operation and was due to have a follow-up sterilisation.

Xena had suffered from breathing problems and needed the emergency procedure on a diaphragmatic hernia to make life easier for her.

Stunned colony workers found her lying dead outside a few metres away from the compound, with some staff suffering panic attacks as a result of the distressing discovery.

SHOCKING FIND(Facebook image)

Group member, Maria Carmen Albadalejo, said: “If a cat dies due to old age, or disease, or being hit by a car- well that’s within the norm and understandable.

“What just happened with murderers breaking into an enclosure to kill a defenceless animal is shocking and has made us heart-broken.”

“Xena was a very dear cat to all of us and some of our volunteers paid for her expensive operation,” Maria Carmen added.

A couple of volunteers including Selena Anderson Galazka were responsible for rescuing and feeding Zena.

Selena told the Olive Press: “We are absolutely devastated and I hope whoever did this goes to hell.

“She was loved by those who took care of her and she has been horrifically and cruelly ripped away from us…. unforgiveable.”

“These monsters must be found and punished,” Selena concluded.

Further details are on the group’s Facebook page Colonia de Gatos Mil Palmeras which has appealed for people to come forward with information about Saturday’s break-in and to contact the police.

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