RENFE is under fire after the body of an 18-year-old boy was discovered between two of its carriages – some FOUR days after he went missing. 

Tragic Alvaro Prieto, an aspiring footballer from Cordoba, missed his 7:20am train home from Sevilla’s Santa Justa last Thursday. 

The engineering student and youth player at Cordoba FC had been partying with friends at the Theater nightclub, some 3.5km from the station.

It has since been reported that he tried to take a later AVE train home at 8.55am but was removed by security for not being able to display a ticket because his phone had died. 

TRAGIC: Alvaro Prieto was found dead between two train carriages this morning

A Junta spokesperson simply said the teen had ‘problems with the ticket or his mobile’, without giving more details. 

His mother has vowed to check his account to confirm whether he had bought a ticket. 

Policia Nacional had been leading an extensive days’ long search with the help of sniffer dogs, only for the body to be discovered between the carriages of a moving train during a live report by TVE on Monday morning.

The harrowing clip showed the boy’s feet sticking out between two coaches of a train, wearing clothes that corresponded to what he was last seen wearing. 

The last message Alvaro sent was to his mother via Whatsapp, before his phone turned off. 

He told her he was walking to the station before his battery run out, meaning he was unable to board the train he had bought a ticket for. 

He tried to get on a later train to Barcelona, which stopped at Cordoba, but was thrown off by security. 

It was then he was seen leaving the station towards Kansas City avenue on CCTV.

The Olive Press has contacted Renfe for comment.

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