A HOMELESS British expat has been found after not being heard from or seen for more than two weeks. 

Hannah Parker, 39, has made contact with the Olive Press after family members and friends became concerned about her wellbeing.  

Her mother Cheryl had contacted this paper after not having contact with her since early November. 

However Hannah was able to get in touch this morning after being left uncontactable due to having no battery on her mobile. 

Hannah previously told this paper that she feared for her health after being forced to sleep rough in Marbella.

She is also locked in a legal battle with Spanish authorities after losing custody of her two-year-old son Sonny.

“It’s horrible and all a bit of a nightmare,” she said in September, “It’s starting to get cold now so I’m really scared.

“I’m washing myself in a gas station, I just want a normal life and to get a job so I can look after myself and my kids.” 

Hannah has been living in Spain for years but was left unable to afford her rent when her  boyfriend left her last year. 

It left her unable to look after her two-year-old son Sonny, who was taken into care in March. 

Her mother, who lives in the UK, recently launched a legal case to get her son back. 

She was also involved in a car accident and has to appear before a court because a person was injured.

“I’m basically trapped in Spain, they’ve taken my passport off me and they haven’t even given me a court date yet,” she explained. “I never thought I’d be in this situation, it’s crazy, it all happened so fast.”

Anyone who can help Hannah can donate to a GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/uv386-help-hannah-get-back-on-her-feet

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