THIS is the moment a group of British tourists were scolded by locals in Spain for scaling a sacred nativity display.

In a video shared online, two men can be seen clambering over the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus in the centre of Jerez de la Frontera, in Cadiz, on December 1.

A local approaches the trio while filming them on his phone and shouting ‘fuera’ (out), repeatedly.

He then brands them ‘puto ingleses’ (f***ing English) before telling them to have more respect.

One of the Brits mockingly says ‘I’m Christian, I’m Christian’, while making a praying gesture with his hands as he is ushered away.

As the three men are walking off into the distance, one can be heard shouting back ‘twat!’ at the local filming them.

They also shout other remarks as they make their way up the street.

It as at this moment that a police car pulls up beside them and an officer jumps out to approach them. It is not known if the men were arrested.

The man recording the clip speaks to the camera and claims the men were vandalising the figure of the Baby Jesus.

The nativity display is hugely important to the town’s culture and is seen as sacred. It was designed by local artist Alvaro Ojeda.

The city council has launched an investigation after confirming that the Baby Jesus was destroyed and will now need replacing.

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