HAVE you taken part in Spain’s Christmas lottery this year? Here’s how to find out if you’ve won. 

A shop celebrates selling a winning ticket Photo: Cordon Press

The big prize draw began at 9am today in Madrid’s Teatro Real. 

Revealed by pupils at the prestigious San Ildefonso school, the draw is the start of Spain’s Christmas festivities as people across the country wait for their number to be called. 

Unlike other lotteries, many people will hold the same ticket number as a potential 200 of each ‘series’ is sold. 

If the number is called, the amount won is divided between the ticket holders, known as ‘decimos’. 

There are five main prizes and although the top three only have one winning number, the fourth prize has two lucky tickets and the fifth, eight. 

There are also various smaller prizes, such La Pedrea, which grants some 1,794 winners €1,000 euros. 

The first draw occurred at 9:39 am this morning, with the grand prize known as ‘El Gordo’ announced at 3pm. 

Although there are some 1807 prizes, the big winners are:

‘El Gordo’, first prize

Number: 88008

Amount: €400,000

Second prize

Number: 58303

Amount: €1250,000

Third prize

Number: 31938

Amount: €500,000

Fourth prize

Number: 93361, 41147

Amount: €200,000

Fifth prize

Number: 54274, 45353, 88979, 92023, 01568, 86007, 57421, 37038

Amount: €60,000

Happy winners across the country can be seen popping champagne all over social media

You can check if you’ve won the sought after prize here

Simply enter your number to learn if Santa has blessed your bank account this year. 


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