THE APPARENT kidnapping of a woman and her seven-year-old daughter in Jaen, Andalusia took a bizarre twist after she ended up being arrested by the police after they discovered a marijuana plantation in her house.

The story began last Wednesday, when the 24-year-old was visited by a man with whom she had a sporadic sexual relationship, according to the National Police’s version of events as reported in Spanish media. 

That afternoon the pair had an argument, which turned physical. At that point the woman and her daughter went upstairs in the house while the man stayed downstairs. 

After a while, the woman tried to leave the house but realised the door was locked and the key was missing, and she was without her mobile phone.

In a bid to escape she threw a note out of the window asking for help, on which she had requested that her parents be called rather than the police.

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Policia Nacional image

The note was found by a passing mailman, who gave it to a second person, who called the National Police anyway.

When the police arrived, the male friend of the victim escaped via the roofs of the adjoining houses, and is still being sought by the police. 

When the officers entered the home, they discovered the marijuana plantation, which contained more than 180 plants. 

According to the police, the presence of the drugs would explain why she didn’t want to alert the authorities. 

Officers subsequently seized the plants and arrested the woman.

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