TWO teenagers have been arrested for a broad daylight armed robbery on a petrol station in Estepona last week.

The pair had made off with €2,000 from the till, with police recovering only €350 after the youths had gone on a spending spree.

One of the youngsters freely admitted to police that he had been intending to buy an electric scooter with the stolen money.

The pair were arrested on January 4, within 48 hours of the stick-up, one in Estepona while the other was picked up in Marbella.

Police recovered what was left of the stolen money and the clothing worn during the robbery, along with the weapon – which turned out to be fake.

The daring raid took place at the Huerta Nueva Galp branch at 5.30pm on January 2.

CCTV from the crime scene shows one of the youths, concealing his face in a hoodie and mask, pretend to pay for a bottle of Coke before producing a pistol pointing it at till staff. 

The woman behind the desk holds up her arms in surrender before opening the till. 

She hands over the money and steps away with her hands up as the robber rifles through wads of cash.

Nearby customers shrink away at the sight of the weapon. 

The robber then walks out, breaking into a run as he leaves the shop. 

Curiously, after taking the money, the bandit paid for a drink he had taken from the display cabinet and even left a euro note on the counter for the cashier.

The youth escaped on an electric scooter with the help of an accomplice who was waiting to act as the getaway driver. He was also found to have supplied the weapon.


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