A BOUTIQUE hotel, restaurant, art gallery, children’s art centre and cafe will be built at a historical building in Gibraltar’s town centre.

The Rock’s Development and Planning Commission (DPC) gave the green light to proposals for the new cultural and social area in its first meeting of the year.

It suggested that developers maintain many of the heritage features of the buildings, provide accessibility and address parking concerns.

Developers returned with the modified plans prompting the DPC to give it the go-ahead.

The proposed project will be located at the corner of 3 Secretary’s Lane and Governor’s Lane and the nearby Fortress House by the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The gallery will showcase ‘a contemporary art collection’ and feature a museum with an exhibition programme that ‘will be free to all Gibraltarians’, Fortress House Director Henry Little told GBC.

The children’s art centre will allow the younger generation to pursue their creative flair at a range of fees.

“We want it to be a place where they learn new techniques while fostering the next generation of artists,” Little said.

An onsite cafe will allow parents to relax while their children get to work, he said.

Demolition of part of the site is now ongoing as other areas are restored to their former glory.


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