NETFLIX’S latest film, Society of the Snow, has featured this must visit location in Spain’s Andalucia. 

All photos: Sierra Nevada

The snow capped mountains found in the Granada area of the region served as the Andes in the new production. 

Filmed in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains, the low temperatures, glacial lakes and high altitude provide the perfect replacement for South America’s Andes mountain range. 

The incredible story shows how 16 people survived a horror plane crash in the Andes, some 52 years ago. 

Part of the Uruguayan Air Force, the survivors had to endure some 72 days in one of the world’s least accessible areas. 

Known as the ‘Valle de las Lagrimas’ (The Valley of Tears) the mountain range is found on the Andes on the Argentina-Chile border. 

At some 3,500 metres altitude, authentic filming locations were hard to come by but the team behind The Society of Snow found the perfect place in the Sierra Nevada.

Filming began in January last year, in Pradollano, la Hoya de la Mora, el cortijo La Argumosa and the ‘Laguna de las Yeguas’. 

Over 2000 metres above sea level, film crews had to endure long days in extreme conditions to capture Netflix’s latest hit. 

Photo: Netflix

Director Juan Jose Bayona, said: “Filming in the Sierra Nevada gave us perfect conditions. We’ve been very satisfied and happy with it. 

“However, it’s going to be difficult to recognise the Sierra Nevada in the film due to the special effects we used to create the Andes.”

The film was nominated for a Golden Globe for best non-English language film, but lost out to ‘Anatomy of a Fall’.

Photo: Netflix

If the Sierra Nevada can be used to recreate the beautiful snowy landscapes of the Andes, it’s certain that the national park is one of the best places in Spain to find a winter wonderland. 

Visitors to the area can enjoy skiing, hiking or take a short road to explore the area from nearby Granada. 

One of the most popular ways to explore the area is by climbing the Pico de la Veleta. 

This can be achieved with the help of an expert guide or by minibus. 

A little longer than the hike to Pico de la Velete is the Laguna de la Caldera. 

Some six hours of hiking peaks and troughs, the lake is certainly worth the wait with its dramatic views and turquoise water. 

If you fancy something a little less demanding, head to Monachil to take the Ruta de los Cahorros. 

Photo: TurGranada

With hanging bridges and winding paths, the route has been described as ‘magical’ and is one of the most popular walks in the area. 

The Sierra Nevada is also great for a weekend getaway.

The Alpujarra area of the mountain range is full of charming white washed villages such as Trevelez, Pampaneira and Lanjaron.


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