BRITAIN has vowed to be ‘steadfast in its support for Gibraltar’ during ongoing EU treaty talks while stating that other overseas territories have been ‘significantly affected’ by Brexit.

The statements form part of a response to the House of Commons’ EU scrutiny committee on ‘what has changed and how is it working’.

In a three-page document the UK confirms it is ‘working side-by-side with the Government of Gibraltar’ after the 14th round of negotiations last December.

It said it ‘is committed to concluding a UK-EU treaty in respect of Gibraltar as soon as possible’.

The statement said: “The UK is steadfast in its support for Gibraltar and will not agree to anything that compromises sovereignty.”

British Overseas Territories were not included in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the EU.

And the UK insisted that the European ‘Commission has declined to engage’ with British overseas territories.

“We continue to use our diplomatic resources and influence to support and facilitate their engagement with the EU as requested by the Territories,” Britain said.

“For example, we support the Overseas Territory Governments to access EU markets and the opening of local offices in Brussels.”

Both Gibraltar and Bermuda already have offices in Brussels that are working with the EU on matters that may arise.

Other territories like the Falkland Islands and Anguilla have had to pay increased tariffs on seafood they import into the EU.


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