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Gibraltar ministers meet with UK Foreign Secretary and Minister for Europe in London

GIBRALTAR’S leaders have met with the UK’s new Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Minister for Europe Leo Docherty while in London. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo...

Chief Minister calls new UK Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary ‘great friends of Gibraltar’

THE Chief Minister of Gibraltar has welcomed the UK appointments of Lizz Truss as Prime Minister and James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary in government...

BREXIT ANNIVERSARY: Five years on from the vote that determined its future place outside the European Union, how has...

Katherine Brook takes a look at the progress made by Gib as it forges a new future after Brexit.

UK Foreign Secretary in Gibraltar to support EU treaty talks this year

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab visited Gibraltar on March 29 as a show of support for the Schengen treaty to be worked out with the EU.

Gibraltar has long road ahead to secure EU treaty, Chief Minister warns

THE New Year’s Eve Schengen deal is only for a framework and does not guarantee an EU treaty, the Chief Minister warned this afternoon.

Gibraltar will have final word on post-Brexit treaty, says CM

GIBRALTAR will have last word over talks on the final Schengen treaty, its Chief Minister has revealed in his New Year message,

Gibraltar confirms it will ‘decide’ who enters the Rock at external borders

‘ONLY Gibraltar will decide who is able to enter Gibraltar’ as part of the Schengen ‘in principle’ deal, its Chief Minister revealed.

BREAKING: Schengen ‘in principle’ Gibraltar deal agreed between UK and Spain

SPAIN and UK have agreed that Gibraltar will become part of Schengen with a level playing field on all areas.

Gibraltar gets 72-hour deadline to strike post-Brexit deal with Spain

HE fate of Gibraltar’s post-Brexit future will need to be decided by this coming Friday or face long queues for those coming in and out.

BREAKING: Brexit deal raises hopes of Gibraltar treaty with Spain

THE UK’s deal with the EU announced today could help Gibraltar as it tries to complete a future relationship with Spain.

Spain ends European court challenge over Gibraltar as talks continue

SPAIN’S progressive governing coalition has removed an outstanding case against the European Commission over Gibraltar.

Schengen Gibraltar could be a reality even with the UK outside the EU

GIBRALTAR could have a ‘common travel area with Schengen’ and be part of the Customs Union as part of a deal being struck with Spain.

Private medical cover could be needed for Gibraltar citizens in Spain in a no deal

Gibraltar residents could need private medical insurance for Spain under a no deal scenario, the government has warned.

Gibraltar ups the tempo in its push for an open border with Spain

FREE movement with Spain is vital post-Brexit, Gibraltar explained to the EU Commitee of the Regions today.

Gibraltar talks with Spain and UK progress amid COVID-19 crisis

THE Chief Minister of Gibraltar has talked with the foreign ministers of Spain and the UK as he pushes towards a post-Brexit agreement.

Gibraltar prepares for no deal new year issues as deadline closes in

WITH just a week left for the UK to secure a post-Brexit deal, Gibraltar is getting ready for the worst with the frontier likely to suffer.

Third round of talks on Gibraltar after Brexit takes place in October

LA Linea will be the setting of the third round of meetings over Gibraltar’s relationship with the EU after Brexit later on in the month.

Gibraltar takes on ‘Bre-vid’ perfect storm in LibDem debate

A ‘PERFECT storm’ is brewing with the combination of Brexit and COVID-19, according to the Deputy Chief Minister.

Gibraltar braces itself for hard frontier as Brexit No Deal looms

ALL Brits including Gibraltarians could be forced to wet stamp their passports when they go to Spain if there is no UK deal with the EU.

Chief Minister follows UK Prime Minister taking strong stand for Gibraltar

THE Chief Minister claimed ‘not an inch’ of Gibraltar would be given away during post-Brexit negotiations as talks entered their home run.

Chief Minister promises to respect Gibraltar desire to be British in National Day message

GIBRALTAR is today celebrating National Day in the company of their families and close friends as its leaders spoke of battles ahead.

Bossano: How National Day came about and the challenges ahead

THE founder of National Day told The Olive Press Gibraltar could be in for a tough time on the day of the celebration he created.

Chief Minister denies discussion of Gibraltar co-sovereignty in Madrid

THE second round of talks with UK and Spain have been described as 'positive' by the Chief Minister of Gibraltar who led the team in Madrid.

Latest post-Brexit talks held in Gibraltar were ‘friendly’ and ‘constructive’

THE second meeting of officials to discuss Gibraltar's future relationship with Spain in terms of citizens' rights was held today at the Garrison Library.

Boris Johnson remains faithful to Gibraltar on talks with the EU

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once again backed Gibraltar in London meetings on the future relationship with the EU.

Gibraltar included in future EU talks by the UK against Spanish wishes

THE Rock’s Chief Minister said he was ‘very pleased’ at Gibraltar’s inclusion in the UK negotiation mandate on the future EU relationship.





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