CONSTRUCTION work has begun ahead of schedule for the latest set of buildings of the Gibraltar Government’s affordable homes scheme.

Situs Construction Group started the noisy piling process to make way for the foundations of Chatham Views at the old location of Westside Comprehensive School on Queensway.

The school itself moved to new premises four years ago but the buildings there in use for a while until being demolished earlier this year.

Builders have also started the second phase of Hassan Centenary Terraces overlooking Eastern Beach.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said he was ‘delighted’ that the piling had started even before it ‘was expected to begin in August’.

He had already detailed how the pandemic and Brexit had delayed Chatham Views and Bob Peliza Mews.

But he said that progress was ‘now steadfast’ on these two developments.

Issues with Hassan Centenary Terraces Phase 1 had also been overcome, Picardo announced.

Buyers who have been paying for the large towers on the northern side of the Eastside Reclamation would ‘be able to move in soon’, he said.

“Our track record on affordable housing shows our commitment to improve the lives of the People of Gibraltar.

“Although at times circumstances have been out of our control, this GSLP/Liberal government believes it is extremely important for our community, especially the younger generations, to have an opportunity to buy property in Gibraltar.”

The latest developments on the Eastside add to over 1,000 homes the GSLP/Liberals have built since they came to office in 2011.

The low-cost homes have benefited from the unique 50-50 scheme which allows the public purse to pay for half their value to aid young people buy their first home.

“We will continue to work for you until every key of each development has been handed over as we have already done so with Mons Calpe Mews, Beach View Terraces alongside Charles Bruzon House and Sea Master Lodge,” Picardo promised.


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